Students of Totland schools are exposed to a series of well-articulated practical sessions in the course of their study. Teaching is synchronized with practical classes to facilitate teaching and learning. We develop students with balanced knowledge. Fully equipped science labs create a professional atmosphere in which learners in the fields of science can feel comfortable and confident in carrying out experiments and study projects

 ICT room

Expert teachers who periodically undergo professional courses and upgrade training in ICT development lead ICT learning. Information and knowledge materials are progressively computerized and automated. These includes reports, achievements results, staff and student assessments, reviews, and others readily accessible in digital format online and offline


The school boasts of a standard and fully stocked library. Our Libraries are sufficiently stocked to enhance the learning experience and we make sure to update our resources on a regular basis. Our Language Laboratories are also amply equipped and functional.

 Boarding house

Hostels are very neat and well ventilated with mosquito nets.

 Music room   

Well-equipped music room with up-to-standard musical instruments. We offer specialized training in all musical instruments.

 Visual Art studio:

The school has a standard fine art studio equipped with donkey benches, drawing boards, throwing wheels and kiln.

 School Clinic

The in-house clinic is amply equipped and staffed with professional paramedical personnel. It is opened daily for special attention and care to our children.

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